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Try to prepare, so that the first kiss did not cause the girl confusion and a sense of fear, and the moment was remembered for years to come. Prepare fertile ground: hold hands, do not rush with a kiss, otherwise the girl will get the impression that you need only physical contact and no romantic feelings you do not feel how to be a good kisser for guys wikihow. If your girlfriend on a date more and more often takes your hand, and casually presses it gently, then the time to kiss has come. But do not immediately climb with a kiss, wait another day - the very expectation will cause a pleasant melancholy and tension, and your partner will be even more waiting for the first kiss. But you shouldn't procrastinate with the kiss either - the girl can "burn out".
Before kissing her look into her eyes, take her hands, slowly move closer to her and, like a breeze, gently touch her lips. For romance - take your partner's face in your palms. Believe me, the technical side of the kiss you still have time to master, and young girls dream of a romantic kiss, airy and beautiful. How to kiss a girl? In order not to scare and not repulse the girl with a kiss, try to make it very gentle, exciting, no tongue. Leave a little intrigue, make the girl wait for the next date and kiss. The kiss should last a moment, break away from the girl and quickly leave without saying anything - believe me, everything has already been said by your kiss.

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