Dallas Hair Salon

About the Salon

Travis Salon Uptown is a trendy, yet intimate, salon. Located inside a charming old house, the salon is near Gold's Gym on McKinney Avenue. The friendly staff of three caters to both men and women. The salon also sells the high-end Kevin.Murphy line of beauty products.

What to Expect

At Travis Salon Uptown, the clientele is primarily made up of business people, relocation and new move ins to the trendy, uptown area..


The Surrounding Area

While insiders go to the salon for its relaxing atmosphere, they also enjoy the convenience of its downtown Dallas location in the historical uptown area. After visiting the salon, enjoy the restaurants and boutiques that lie in this area.

Dallas Hair Salon

Contact Travis Salon

Please feel free to call one of our stylists for an appointment.

Tim Travis: 214.468.0222
Manuel Montante: 214.502.7780
Robert Dijas: 214.733.6904

Travis Salon Uptown
2512 Mahon Street
Dallas, Texas 75201